Bend has a rapidly growing tech scene, but a lot of organizations are not taking advantage of expert UX/UI design. Bend has amazing programmers, but too often clients go directly to coding instead of thoroughly planning out their project with a UX designer. 

Imagine you want to build a house. You wouldn't dream of doing that without a blueprint. But, in theory, you could find a group of talented carpenters who could put up walls and a roof and get you a usable house. But the builders might put in one bathroom when you need three. They may put the breakfast nook on the west side of the house where it doesn’t get the morning sun. They may build a five-car garage when you only have one vehicle. The same holds true for a web app or site. You need to know exactly what to build in order to make your project as successful as possible. 

As a UX consultant, I would come up with a business strategy to make sure you get the the ROI you need. I would do a competitive review of other sites/apps that are doing similar things. I would create flowcharts and wireframes so that you can work out exactly how everything should work. This saves serious amounts of re-work and re-building, which can be very expensive.

I have over 15 years of experience in identifying potential problems and coming up with creative and effective solutions. While I am not a programmer, I have worked closely with them in my roles as a Sr. User Experience Designer and Creative Director and am a strong believer in collaboration. Please view my design portfolio to see examples of my work.

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GurUX also specializes in creating custom boutique web sites. Modern and clean sites that are very affordable and a breeze for the owner to update. Below are a few recent sites.

East Cascades AHEC

East Cascades AHEC had a site that was very out-dated, unattractive, and very difficult to maintain. I worked with them to re-structure the site content and present a modern and professional look. Building on the Squarespace platform allows them to easily update the site at their convenience.

About Pete Ficht, founder of GurUX Bend.

The old left brain/right brain trope. Either you’re a boring and rational left brain person or you’re a creative but flaky right brainer. Well, somehow I’ve become a very effective combination of both. Perhaps it was my years of training as a theatrical director - on one hand, you’re working with actors, designers and writers, coming up with ideas and staging, basically creating the entire theatre-going experience. And on the other hand, you’re wrangling the actors, staff and crew, creating schedules, timelines and budgets, basically being in charge of the whole thing actually happening. Or being a band leader, as I am currently with Wild Bells. Writing songs and coming up with parts, but also coordinating album releases and Kickstarter projects and scheduling practices and shows that work for five other very busy people.

The same is true with my experiences at Thetus CorporationPCD Group and Site9. Not only have I created the wireframes, prototypes and GUI design for web sites and applications, but I devise the information architecture, do user testing and research, write copy and marketing collateral - and at Site9, I project managed them as well and often acted as account executive to boot.

I started at Site9 in 2003, where we built many successful eCommerce sites for such clients as Made in Oregon, Storables, and Kobos Coffee. When I work on a design for a project, I’m not just seeing it with narrow designer eyes: I’m viewing it with the whole big picture in mind, including implementation, user experience, SEO and marketing. Having worn so many hats at Site9, including holding the position of Client Services Director at the same time as being Creative Director, has given me a unique set of skills that make me an extraordinarily effective designer.

I had a very enjoyable and productive time at Site9, but in 2008 the company decided to focus on their software product ProtoShare and discontinue all web development. I was the user experience and GUI designer for Protoshare and learned a lot about software application design and development. I was happy to help with the ProtoShare launch and marketing as well as with getting the customer service department off the ground, but my real passion was for design and creative development. I realized that without much need for creative work, it was time for me to seek a new opportunity.

I next worked at PCD Group from 2009-2014, where I focused primarily on user experience and design. We worked almost exclusively with Citibank, creating intranet and public-facing web sites and applications. Though a fairly small firm, PCD Group competes successfully with larger East Coast firms and has won many large contracts, including one of Citi’s flagship sites, Women & Co.

As Sr. Interactive/User Experience Designer, I was responsible for creating the UX (and often the design) for all our projects. These ranged from designing a lifestyle/blog site like Women & Co. to wrangling the massive amounts of data and information on one of their intranet sites. One of my biggest projects at PCD was redesigning Citi’s main internal website, which is accessed daily by all of their global employees for the latest corporate news and information. And I created and designed the CMS that powers it.

I was involved with all aspects of user experience design. I did the initial research and interviews with the client, creating site analysis and user research documents, screen flows and wireframes (and often the GUI) and then finally the functional requirements before passing off to the development team. One strong example for this is the UX design I did for Citi's updated YouTube channel.

Most recently, I worked at Thetus Corporation, where I was a senior user experience designer of their Savanna software. Savanna is a powerful collaborative analysis tool used by the military. It requires very complicated and thorough design work (and a large engineering team) to make it easy to use. Based on user research and testing, I created wireframes and prototypes that successfully translated complex ideas into a simple and easy-to-use interface. I then worked closely with Product and Engineering to implement my designs in a fast-paced agile process.

I was also the Design Lead, managing a design team of four people (including UX and visual designers). I worked closely with the team on design and mentored less experienced designers. And I was responsible for the design team vision and productivity.


“Pete is an intelligent, talented, versatile and hard-working colleague who gets what it takes to deliver top notch user experience and creative solutions for a variety of clients. He's a great collaborator who contributes sound strategy, insight and ideas to shape and refine projects, helping clients get the most out of their investment. On top of that Pete is easy to work with and has a great sense of humor - definitely the kind of guy that will enhance not only an organization's success but also its chemistry and culture.”
- Tim Gault, Art Director at PCD Group

"Pete is a dedicated, hard working employee. Pete was originally hired at Site9 as a graphic designer, and quickly became a manager of the creative department. He was responsible for managing large-scale web development projects, as well as continuing his graphic design responsibilities. As part of managing these projects, Pete also acted as liaison with customers, and worked closely with customer service to keep our clients happy. 

Pete is very organized, an excellent project manager, as well as having top-notch creative skills. He's also a great person to have as part of a team -- able to contribute in a number of areas and to make everyone on the team better."
- Andrew Mottaz, Senior Director of Interactive Strategy at Astound Commerce

"I worked with Pete for several years at Site9 where he was my manager and mentor. He provided creative direction and branding not only for Site9 itself but for all of the websites that Site9 created as part of their service. He knew what to do to push design work forward while meeting client needs, and think systematically to create sites that not only looked good, but adapted to the Site9 CMS framework. He was also a great inspiration to me, providing leadership and encouragement as I developed my UX skills."
- Heather Campbell, UX Designer at Google

"I have worked closely with Pete at Site9 where Pete directed all creative operations. Pete is a phenomenal Digital Creative Director who can handle all aspects of both online and offline creativity. For example, Pete created a super logo and design landscape for ProtoShare. He then created a consistent look and feel across all communications including the website, sales collateral and trade show booth. He also wrote the blogs and emails for our customers. Pete is top rate and highly creative. I recommend him highly."
- Peter Weiss, Director of Client Engagement at Hathway

In over two years of website work with Pete, I think his best strength is his ability to apply his excellent design skills to difficult accounts. He is very patient and is willing to work hard with challenging clients that need extra help. Pete's retail designs are clear, useful, and stylish. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Pete again.
- Tim Sherburne, Systems Team Manager at DevonWay

Pete brings creativity, a sense of collaboration, and an open mind to every project he's involved in. As a graphic designer his aesthetic is clean and unobtrusive, as an art director his leadership style is collegial and open minded, as a team member he is engaged and willing to do what is best for the project. He also has an inherent loyalty to the organization that always keeps the overall best interest in mind.
-Murray Cizon, Executive Assistant, Dean's Office at Lewis & Clark

Pete is perhaps the most talented designer I have ever worked with. At Site9 we worked together on a cutting-edge web 2.0 product. His designs were always fresh, current, and professional. He worked extremely well with both customers and engineers. He was widely regarded by everyone on the team.
- Todd Lisonbee, Senior Software Engineer at Nike

At Site9, Pete was asked to wear a number of hats as the company evolved. Not only did he do an excellent job in these different roles, but he also was a pleasure to work with, always handling a crisis with grace and humor. He repeatedly demonstrated a strong sense of commitment to his work, and to delivering the highest quality results.
- John Cromett, Client Lead at Clarity Innovations, Inc.

Pete is a pleasure to work with. Not only is he a very talented graphic designer, he is also great at articulating his views in a constructive way and bringing fresh perspective to any software project. As Client Services Director, he always put himself in the customer's shoes and worked hard on their behalf to resolve engineering issues.
- Ben Scarola. Software Engineer, Consultant