I'm a designer, writer, and musician living in Bend, Oregon. Always up for creative adventures.



Savanna Dashboard

I've been a designer for web & software since 2001, at start-ups and old school design firms in Portland, OR. I went from entry level position to creative director in four years at the first place I worked. I've been a visual and UX designer for clients like Citibank, Storables and Made In Oregon. I've also done project & account managing, copywriting, blogging, social media and SEO. Most recently I was Senior User Experience Designer & Design Team Lead at Thetus Corporation, designing Savanna, a data analysis software used by military intelligence. 


I've written two TV pilots, two screenplays, and four produced plays and and have had short stories (one of which won an award), poetry and a comic strip published. I recently co-wrote (and composed the music for) Senioritisa rock musical - which just had a reading at Second City in Chicago. I'm also working on a novel about the Portland indie rock scene of the 90s. On the business side, I've written copy for eCommerce and banking web sites, social media, and corporate blogs. 


Wild Bells album artwork by Jolby.

I'm a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, most recently with Wild Bells in Portland and AM Clouds in Bend. I specialize in combining catchy melodies, quirky and literate lyrics with music that falls somewhere between power pop, Americana and 60s psychedelia. I've released numerous albums, contributed to film soundtracks, toured the country and worked with one at least one certifiable genius. I produced bands at my recording studio and later worked as a mastering engineer. Over the years, I've found my way to SXSW, MTV, USAToday and Sassy magazine. 


I've been enamored with film and video since I was in high school, making goofy Super 8 movies with my friends. I've been editing video for the last fifteen years, including a short film and music videos. In addition, I've been a photo assistant on shoots for Nike and Wieden + Kennedy.


I have a MFA in Directing for the Theater from Tulane University. I directed numerous plays in college and grad school, wrote and performed children's theater, and was a member of two improv comedy groups (and founded one of them).